Welcome to Art Process Works and Studio Z with Vivien Beere

What it is it? A place where you can come to find answers!

Are you asking is there more to life than this?

Are you stuck? Welcome to Studio Z

Are you feeling: flattened, lost, disenfranchised, angry, confused, overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy?

Are your relationships fracturing?

Has Covid dampened your enthusiasm?

Have you lost faith in your dreams, hopes, aspirations?

Are you asking where to from here?

My mission is to help you.

I have opened Studio Z because I love to work with people, in person, online, one to one and in groups.

It’s called Studio Z because it may be the last place you ever want or need to come to for therapy and personal change. It’s also called Studio Z because after 40 years in practice, as an Arts Therapist and professional Counselor, it may be the last studio I open!

I’m able to help you:

  • think clearly
  • feel deeply
  • connect to changes that are emerging for you from the depths of your own nature
  • confront and negotiate inner blocks and outer obstacles
  • and develop confidencein your ability to create the changes you really want

I use Arnold Mindell’s Process Oriented Psychology which I’ve integrated with British, American and local Australian and New Zealand approaches to Creative Arts Therapy theory and practice. I am also an accredited and experienced counselor.

What this means is that I will meet you to understand your concerns and your natural way of learning. Once having agreed on an area of exploration, I will help you access resources you didn’t know you had. I will guide you in the use of simple images, movement, objects that help you tell relevant stories, creative writing, perhaps sculpture, collage or construction, perhaps simple music makingand above all play. You don’t have to be “good at art” to do any of this, you just have to be willing to explore and to review your experiences with me.

You will learn to trust what is emerging for you, overcome inner critics and blocks and step forward with greater self acceptance, confidence and joy.

Some people come for one or two sessions and some for quite a long time, generally in blocks of eight sessions, which end with a review and a decision about the next steps. Please feel free to use the contact form to check if I might be the right person for you.

I look forward to meeting you!

I want you to know this is the very best therapy I have ever done.

Senior Lecturer, Christchurch, NZ

I am still excited by how deep this went and how much fun I had. I now have the courage to move forward with my creative pursuits and my new business.

Accountant, Artist and Entrepreneur, Perth, Aus.

I discovered a disowned part of myself and found the gold!

Miriam, Research Fellow, Perth Aus.

Art Therapy underpinned every other course I did here at RNC (The Recovery Network Centre). It’s been a very significant part of my Recovery Journey.

Office Administrator in recovery from complex PTSD

Art Therapy is so very confronting, in your face! And very amazing. Revisiting my childhood and understanding my reaction to all the addiction in my family and how we coped or didn’t, was a great help. I learned so much about myself. Thank you.

Former nurse diagnosed with severe anxiety