My Passion For Art Therapy

I am celebrating 40 years of this work, which despite people’s difficulties, is full of breakthroughs and miracles. I have worked with all kinds of people; in private practice in a GP/complimentary medical clinic, a maximum security prison, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, Community Mental Health and several tertiary education settings as well as running retreats and training events in several different countries. I am currently supervising Masters Creative Arts Therapy Students at Murdoch University and facilitating learning groups for Counselling Masters students.  I create and study constantly and have Masters level training and qualifications in Counselling, Art Therapy and Process Oriented Psychology and I am a fully certified teacher with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. I am a professional member of the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapy Association (ANZACATA) and was a founding member of The Creative Therapies Association of Aotearoa (CTAA).

I have set up Studio Z to run my own groups, see individuals and couples and to follow my own continuing Art Process which includes dream-work, multi-media art work and poetry. When you come to see me you will be coming to a comfortable Art Studio where we can explore what is most important to you.

About Vivien Beere

I want you to know this is the very best therapy I have ever done.

Senior Lecturer, Christchurch, NZ

I am still excited by how deep this went and how much fun I had. I now have the courage to move forward with my creative pursuits and my new business.

Accountant, Artist and Entrepreneur, Perth, Aus.

I discovered a disowned part of myself and found the gold!

Miriam, Research Fellow, Perth Aus.

Art Therapy underpinned every other course I did here at RNC (The Recovery Network Centre). It’s been a very significant part of my Recovery Journey.

Office Administrator in recovery from complex PTSD

Art Therapy is so very confronting, in your face! And very amazing. Revisiting my childhood and understanding my reaction to all the addiction in my family and how we coped or didn’t, was a great help. I learned so much about myself. Thank you.

Former nurse diagnosed with severe anxiety