Are you tired of restless nights, having too many chaotic dreams or too few? Do you have big dreams about how the world should be?

I believe our dreams point us to what we need to know next. Active Dream Work is a play-space for both personal development AND the training of activists.

Your dreams have meaning! Our thinking minds filter out nearly all of the sensory information we receive. We need to think clearly to manage our lives but mostly we filter out far too much! We are over-adapted to the past, both personally and culturally. This prevents us living more fully and it stops us finding solutions to the problems that confront us together.

You can bring your dreams to individual sessions or to a workshop.

1on1 sessions can be booked below.

Dates for the next Dancing With Your Dreams workshop, described next, will be advised on this page.


Dream Work



DANCING WITH YOUR DREAMS is a structured workshop that includes many of the exercises in Robert Moss Level One Dream Teachers Manual and some of my own as well. I expect it to be a lot of fun! I’m a fully accredited teacher in the School of Active Dreaming.

This is NOT psycho-therapy…you won’t need to share anything you don’t choose to and there is no guided imagery. You will be shown how to engage more deeply with your own way of experiencing the world. You can have any kind of philosophical or religious belief, that’s up to you. However, note: as Robert says, side effects may include transformation!

Learn how to:

  • track your dreams and keep a dream journal
  • enter their mystery through art and writing
  • share dreams with friends in 20 minutes and arrive at an action plan that may make you laugh in its simplicity
  • notice what the “speaking land” is saying to you – use your hunches to support you to act
  • develop your intuition by asking for the dreams you want, those which will enrich your life, and the lives of others
  • re-enter a dream to find out more about a specific character or place
  • visit your own place of resolution and healing from which you can bring back gifts for yourself or another
  • experiment with mask making, dance and dream theatre. Come to low cost studio sessions as well, if you wish.
  • bring new skills to your family, workplace or action group

Please bring some small object that has a meaning for you. You are going to use it as your “anchor” to return to when we practice “wide awake dreaming” so it could be something from family, a friend or from country.

Bring a blank note book or children’s scrap book (from Big W, Target etc.) and also some felt pens, pencils glue stick and pastels if you have them. I’ll supply other art materials. You do not have to have art skills!

Bring some food to share. I’ll provide salad in warm weather, soup in winter and teas.

Please wear relaxed clothing. It’s an art studio! We have chairs but please bring a cushion, an extra rug and if you have one, a yoga mat,  as we have a concrete floor! 

I want you to know this is the very best therapy I have ever done.

Senior Lecturer, Christchurch, NZ

I am still excited by how deep this went and how much fun I had. I now have the courage to move forward with my creative pursuits and my new business.

Accountant, Artist and Entrepreneur, Perth, Aus.

I discovered a disowned part of myself and found the gold!

Miriam, Research Fellow, Perth Aus.

Art Therapy underpinned every other course I did here at RNC (The Recovery Network Centre). It’s been a very significant part of my Recovery Journey.

Office Administrator in recovery from complex PTSD

Art Therapy is so very confronting, in your face! And very amazing. Revisiting my childhood and understanding my reaction to all the addiction in my family and how we coped or didn’t, was a great help. I learned so much about myself. Thank you.

Former nurse diagnosed with severe anxiety