Sand is used in Art Therapy, within a container, to invite a conversation between the left brain, which works with logic and meaning and the right brain, which works with memory, symbol and imagination.

You can work with the sand alone or add symbolic objects to make scenes that tell the story that is just emerging for you.

Sand is a wonderful substance. It is made from ancient rocks and from shells; it comes from both mountain and sea. The combination of sand and water evokes the liminal space in between land and sea where the shore is always being reshaped by the movement of sea. This is like the border between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Sand Play
Sand Play

Sandplay is also very good for integrating changes that have already taken place when you have done significant work with other forms of therapy. You may have been working with complex trauma, PTSD, or an addiction for instance. Sandplay work at this stage will help you feel confident about your next steps. It can also be helpful from time to time when you are coming to terms with major changes brought about by bereavement, divorce, change of location or when you are facing a major life transition.

You might also choose figurines to symbolize qualities you would like to develop in the future! Perhaps you would like to be more of a warrior or a sage… Then again you might also want to describe a situation at home or work in a pictorial way. Doing this will help you see things from another perspective. This kind of work is great for couples and family members trying to come to a common understanding!

Sand Play
Sand Play
Sand Play

I want you to know this is the very best therapy I have ever done.

Senior Lecturer, Christchurch, NZ

I am still excited by how deep this went and how much fun I had. I now have the courage to move forward with my creative pursuits and my new business.

Accountant, Artist and Entrepreneur, Perth, Aus.

I discovered a disowned part of myself and found the gold!

Miriam, Research Fellow, Perth Aus.

Art Therapy underpinned every other course I did here at RNC (The Recovery Network Centre). It’s been a very significant part of my Recovery Journey.

Office Administrator in recovery from complex PTSD

Art Therapy is so very confronting, in your face! And very amazing. Revisiting my childhood and understanding my reaction to all the addiction in my family and how we coped or didn’t, was a great help. I learned so much about myself. Thank you.

Former nurse diagnosed with severe anxiety